Minneapolis Food Stylist, Globally Inspired, Locally Made

Where do you usually find the life of the party? In the kitchen.

Downtown, in a small apartment galley kitchen you will find several guests perched on the counters sipping cocktails and offering culinary suggestions. Arranged around the granite counter top of a gourmet open kitchen you will similarly find guests tasting wine and maybe even helping with the cutting and chopping.

At our parties, I usually try to keep my guests out of the kitchen and in the living room, sometimes it works but mostly it doesn't. Occasionally someone who asks to help is actually helpful. Mostly guests wander in just to look helpful but are secretly relieved when I reply "no thanks, I've go it covered" and just settle in to chat. After doling out what I thought would be easy tasks and then finding
myself, after the guests have departed, scrubbing pomegranate juice off of the wall, coffee maker, and light switch I now try to plan a few simple "helpful guest activities" for those who refuse to take no for an answer. Refilling drinks, slicing the bread and tossing the salad are few of my hard-to-screw-it-up favorites. Don't get me wrong, I do love people in my kitchen I just can't multitask well enough to steam the asparagus, roast the leg of lamb and find the butane for the mini torch to caramelize the creme brulee AND discuss the rising property tax and shrinking home values in our neighborhood. Come on in, sit on the counter if you must (watch out for the herbs), tell me about your day, forgive me if I don't answer your questions and by all means let me know if there is smoke coming out of the oven.

I spend most of my time in the kitchen. At work I style food in kitchens equipped to roast several turkeys simultaneously and freeze scoops of ice cream rock hard. In out kitchen at home I create and cook recipes to feed family and friends. Occasionally I take over other people's kitchens to teach baking classes that raise money for charities I support. And at a small computer desk, in what used to be our kitchen's breakfast nook, I write my blog.

Stay and visit as long as you like; view my professional food styling portfolio, discover a new recipe or learn tips to make your own cooking even better, read my blog to find out what inspires me about food in and out of the kitchen.

The best things always happen in the kitchen.